Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dudley Knowledge

This was requested by a friend of mine but i figured it can be used to help any other player who wants to pick up dudley and learn basic stuff with him

For starters, you should become familiar with what moves to use on the ground and what moves to use in the air and what moves to use to build meter

We'll start with the best normals to build meter (Meter being RLY important in order to utilize dudleys 50/50 setups but we'll get to that later)

SA1/ SA3 are the preferred supers to use, which one you pick is a matter of preference

Normals to build meter:


can be used to build meter while buffering EX Machine Gun Blow (MGB) so if it hits the opponent you'll go into a combo, it CAN be hit confirmed and can punish whiffed pokes as well so thats the best time to buffer EX MGB. After you parry a jump in attack you can use this move into HP uppercut for good meter and positioning

-st, cr. mp

his fastest normal to build meter with...when you have super in stock and you want to approach your opponent you can use> mk duck under-> into super as a hit confirm or just use the duck under to get close. This move has many uses but if you want to be efficient you can use it for hit confirms


Now for Dudleys best normals, you really have to keep in mind that a lot of moves can be punished and it all depends on spacing and footsies, try not to rely TOO much on jump in's because Dudleys jump arc is rly small and can be anti air'd easily

Best Normals

(I'm just going to list what normals to use a lil explanation as to why)

good for meter building and good to space opponent out or to get in if you use duck under

st.hp/ f-hp

If opponents dash in or whiff standing pokes you can use this move to stuff them, can also be used as an anti-air into super even if its parried. Be careful because some characters, if spaced properly can crouch under the move and punish you.

EX: Ken can crouch.HP Dudleys arm


This move can stuff a lot of pokes that have some recovery frames especially in the Dudley vs Dudley match up. EX: It can stuff Dudleys st.HK or st.HP. It can also be used as an anti air and if it hits the opponent, you can do duck under super for a reset.

If parried you will get punished severely so don't be too predictable of course

This move ( can be used as an anti air and can also be confirmed into super if it hits close. Can also be used to bait many things but don't rely on it too much.

As for his f-mk, it can be used as a punish for a parried jump in

EX: parry jump in, f-mk->uppercut (note: its my preference to use st.HK since it is easy to combo off of and gives more meter )

f-MK can be used to apply pressure and can be used as a mixup with low short, short, it can also be hit confirmed as well so it's a really good tool to start your mixup game with Dudley which is his most important aspect

st.HK/ cr.HK/ f-HK

basically its the same as stated above, you can use this (st.HK) for buffering into EX MGB and it can also be used as a hit confirm by using duck under into super, used for meter building and can punish some standing whiffed pokes

cr.HK and f-HK are both his biggest tools as far as dudleys mixups goes, cr.HK is the most dangerous due to the juggle properties but f-HK is also just as bad since it is possible to hit confirm from it (only on crouching opponents however, and you also have to hold forward then do the motion)...f-HK can be chained into for good pressure and make sure to space and time your cr.HK properly because it can be punished if it whiffs (it can be used as a meaty on wakeup as well though)


Here's a video reference to see how these normals are used

Combos will be in my next post, but if you dont want to wait that long just youtube search "Kokujin Dudley" along with any other character you're interested in seeing a corner combo on, theres a high chance that he'll get a corner combo on that character and you can see what he does

EX: if you're interested in seeing a corner combo vs Makoto, just search "Kokujin Dudley Makoto", you wont be disappointed!

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