Thursday, August 25, 2011

What it takes...

As you go through your 3s experience you'll begin to realize that this game is not as easy as others. You'll begin to realize get good at this game, you have to treat it as if its an actual sport. You'll have to go into training mode as if its practice on a saturday morning and practice 3 main things:

1) Execution
2) Hit confirms
3) Punishments

Don't short change yourself by just doing a fancy combo once in trials or vs the computer and go straight into ranked matches....if you want to be the best you can be, then do the best you can with the time you have and practice that combo 10 times straight with a punishment factor involved if you mess up.

For example, in my experience when i first started 3s and wanted to get better, i realized that practicing execution, hit confirms and punishments was really important. I would go into training mode with any character...lets say Ken for this example, and i would practice jump in combos 10 times straight ( a simple jump in HK, low mk, mp SRK into super) and if i ever messed it up within those 10 times, i would go back to a simpler version of the combo (in this case, low mk, mp srk, super) so the scenario would be like this:

1) Practice combo 10 times(jump in HK, low MK, MP SRK xx super)
2) if i mess up at any moment, I practice a different combo 10 times (low mk, mp srk xx super)
3) if i messed up again, i would go into a simpler version and so on and so forth until i get the combo straight into muscle memory

After the combos would come the hit confirms (low lk x2/, hp/ b-mk/ low lk,lp,lk/ low mp)

In order to perfect these, you go to into training mode and put the dummy on Random Guard, and work on these hit confirms (keep in mind, this training method can be used for any character but for simplicities sake we're using ken)

With the same method in mind, you keep at your hit confirms till you get them at LEAST 8/10, this alone will make any opponent soo scared that they wont mess up on you (making the matches, much more meaningful to learn from) and if they do mess up then you're just showing your improvement as a player by following through

Last point to learn would be punishments...One thing to notice about 3s is that this game is really really precise as far as hit boxes go, most of the time if you think about a certain situation in a realistic sense and apply a solution, that solution will more likely than not be able to work in a real match. With that being said pokes, SRK's, specials, supers, even chain combos are not safe...everything can be punished with the right response. So in order to perfect yourself, what you need to do is realize the things that everyday players use in match, for example:

Ken vs Ken

The chances you'll find a ken that focuses on chain combos, no footsies and wakeup SRK's is really high in todays community so, like i stated before, these things CAN and SHOULD be punished as often as possible

If a ken whiff's low mk on you, you punish with a sweep or SA3 on reaction

If a ken like's doing cross up mk, into st. mp, hp chain, you learn to red parry the HP and punish with, hp xx super (or EX fireball), you can also use low mk, SRK as well

If a ken player, does wake up SRK on you in the corner, you punish with mp,hp into lp SRK, then mp SRK in the corner for maximum damage

These are all the fundamentals needed for 3s improvement, it doesnt matter how well you can parry, how fancy your combos are, or even if you win a lot simply by doing one thing, what DOES matter is that you maximize your potential by playing smart, and efficient

The only difference between this and other games is that 3s requires much more devotion and inspiration in order to work hard and become a high level player, but with this game being 10+ yrs, thats all the dedication you need, it should be a great feeling to play this game at a high level and just the fact that you see yourself improve mentally in the game just shows that you can do anything, and thats why 3s is the best game for us, everyone can be clutch, everyone can make a comeback, everyone can be good, and everyone can be the best they can possibly be...Don't let anyone tell you you're taking this game too seriously, because one of the greatest players in the world will tell you other wise


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