Thursday, August 25, 2011

Post by Boss from 3rd Diary blog (comments on 3sOE)

It's been a while, this is Boss.

Who would've thought that this old broken-down CRT TV would come in with that I'm using this CRT TV. I'm playing on a PS2 HRAP with a converter. This could be the cause of the lag, but I also feel a little lag offline. I can also play online where I won't feel lag any worse than offline, depending on my opponent's connection.

Explaining some of the small lag:
- The Twins' dive kicks become jumping Roundhouse
- Moves don't come out immediately
- Strict link combos(like Yun's MP->LK->Dash Punch) are hard to connect
- Hitconfirms are harder
- Karathrows are harder

Basically that. As a whole, if I try to do moves with the arcade timing it'll be too fast to the point where nothing comes out.
(It took me 30 tries to do Makoto's j.HK->MP->LK->SA1 in one of her trials)

In my case, this might end up hindering my play if I end up getting used to the lag on OE(which is 1 to 2 frames compared to the arcade).

Well, I should say that this is just my stance on this, and there are also opinions from players that can play on these TVs with their PS3s no problem, so if that's what they want then who's to say they can't enjoy this game like I do at the arcade?

I played about 40 to 50 ranked matches, and naturally everybody played like they just started. There were two players that I thought "Ooh, you know how to play?", but turns out they were actually Umezono and Manma. There were only two times where I thought I'd lose, and they were against Elena players in the awakened Talbain.

I mentioned this on Twitter, but for all of you playing Ryu, switch to Ken instead. His SRK is better, not to mention Ken doesn't have two frames of rigidness in his crouch either.

I haven't played Player Matches much so I don't know how to enjoy it.

It's sad to see users split between differing consoles, but if I had to choose, I'm playing on the 360.

Fellow 360 users:
Kokujin, Umezono, MOV, Haitani, Vanao, Manma

I've been playing this for a day and already I can think of some improvements for this game:

- Some type of notification sound whenever I get a challenge on Ranked Matches
I generally don't connect with players, so I just check my cell phone or PC, but if I end up connecting to a player I wouldn't know about it because of no sound indicating this.

- Addressing "What's the state of his connection?"
You're able to see the opponent's status only after choosing to play him, while being uncancellable. Most of my matches I've ended up playing extremely laggy red matches.
(actually, tell me if this is true or not. If it isn't then I probably translated this wrong)

- Regarding the order of the rankings
Even if I beat a Rank1 or Rank5 opponent, the points I receive seem the same.
If I just play someone someone who totally outranks me, it feels like I can get to 1st just from facing him.
Wouldn't it be better if we were only able to face players closer to our own ranks? It's still only the first day so I'm not sure.

"Reading the future"
This probably can't be helped, but I'm referring to cases where a hit sound will pop up when I didn't make a hit, or if the opponent's life is down to zero and the "KO! KO! KO!" sound comes on like three times in one second when he hasn't died yet.

Waiting for opponents online

Just looking at that lifeless, inorganic background with hip-hop playing and that little circle thing on the corner spinning around is hard to put up with, so I want to be able to use Training Mode while waiting for opponents to pop up, like in MvC3.

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J Smith The Suit said...

"I mentioned this on Twitter, but for all of you playing Ryu, switch to Ken instead." Drop Ryu? Word? pffft NO RESPECT!